Cleaning Myths

Myth: You should always use bleach to disinfect surfaces

Fact: While bleach is an effective disinfectant, it is unsafe to use on all surfaces, and it can cause damage to some materials. It is also not safe to mix with certain cleaning products. It is essential to read the labels and use the right cleaning products for the specific surface and task.

Myth: You should clean more often during the winter.

Fact: While it’s true that we spend more time indoors during the winter, it is not necessary to increase cleaning frequency. Regular cleaning, regardless of the season, is sufficient to maintain a clean and healthy home.

Myth: You should clean with hot water.

Fact: Hot water can set some stains and can cause damage to some surfaces. Cold water or lukewarm water is usually sufficient for cleaning most surfaces.

Myth: You should use more cleaning products for better results.

Fact: Using too much cleaning product can be counterproductive, as it can leave a residue and be difficult to rinse away. It is essential to use the recommended amount of cleaning product to achieve the best results.

Myth: You can clean everything with just one cleaning product.

Fact: Different cleaning tasks and surfaces require different cleaning products. It’s essential to use the right cleaning product for the specific job and surface to achieve the best results.

Myth: You can save money by skipping some cleaning tasks.

Fact: Skipping specific cleaning tasks can cost more in the long run, leading to more complex and time-consuming cleaning in the future. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is essential to keep your home clean and healthy.